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5 Tips to Navigate an Interview

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Transcription from audio: (may not be 100% accurate)

It doesn’t really matter what type of job you’re applying for. Whether it’s for salesforce admin or an adobe experience manager developer position. Certain qualities and skills are universally desirable to employers.

Today. I’m going to discuss five ways to help you navigate the interview process. Number one research the company. Unfamiliar environments tend to trigger nerves in most people, your job interview is one place you you don’t want to feel clueless and unprepared.

The best way to combat nerves is to educate yourself as much as possible about the company before the interview, research their services or products, read reviews and evaluate their marketing strategies.

Go the extra mile and take a look at competitors websites to see how they compare. This knowledge will help you form answers to interview questions as well as develop questions of your own number two.

Practice answering questions. If you have a tough time answering questions under pressure, it might be a good idea to set a mock interview and go through some common questions you think you’ll be asked during the interview.

This will make you more comfortable when getting asked a similar question. Employers can often spot candidates who are unprepared, and this can often have a negative impact and lead them to not extending you an offer. If you’re working with a recruiter, they should schedule some time the day before the interview to run you through a practice round.

Number three. Prepare questions of your own. Employers often ask interviewees if they have any questions about the company. Asking questions does two things for you. First, it helps you address any concerns you may possess about the company, as well as clear up any potential confusion about the job responsibilities and expectations.

Secondly, it indicates to the employer that you are interested in the company and have done enough research to formulate questions. Number four. Set yourself apart.

Of course, the primary strategy of any interview is to set yourself apart from other applicants. You should never be dishonest about your skills, but you can still use your unique qualities to your advantage.

If you have any interesting skills or experiences that qualify you for the job, make sure to share them. Number five. Stay confident, relaxed and humble.

Treat the interview with seriousness and respect, but don’t be uptight. Speak clearly, respectfully and confidently. Don’t forget to look them in the eye during the interview, and the rest will work itself out.


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